Sauteed Fish filets marinated with Shio Koji – recipe

This is one of my favourite recipes using Shio Koji. The appropriate amount of Shio Koji should be 10% of the weight of ...

Sauteed Salmon marinated with Shio Koji – recipe

A magic seasoning, Shio Koji goes well with salmon as well as other types of fish. It can remove the fishy smell and add...

Baked Fish Fillet with Shio Koji with foil – recipe

Shio Koji can make fish tender as well as adding a mild aroma. To enjoy its benefits I recommend marinating fish fillets...

Tuna Tartar in spring rolls – Recipe for Home Party

Raw minced tuna is one of the most popular Japanese food. In North America, the common name is ‘Tuna Tartar,’ while it i...

Seared Tuna Sashimi tossed with Angel Hair Spring Onions – recipe for home party

Seared Tuna is easy to make and it looks gorgeous. It is one of my favourite recipes for home parties. You can make it w...
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