Pickled Cucumber with Shio Koji – recipe

When you first use Shio Koji, pickling vegetable is one of the easiest dishes and you can experience the deliciousness of Shio Koji.

Pickling cucumbers is so simple that it’s suitable for beginners of Shio Koji. You can also pickle radishes, eggplants or cabbages.

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  • one cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon of Shio Koji

How to make

  1. Wash the cucumber, and cut it into pieces.
  2. Put the cucumbers and Shio Koji in a bowl, and rub them.
  3. Leave them for 6 hours in the fridge.


  • add needle sliced ginger
  • add a chilli pepper

What is Shio Koji?

Home made Shio Koji

Home made Shio Koji

Shio Koji (塩こうじ/塩麹/塩糀) is a Japanese fermented ingredient. It’s made of salt, water and Rice Koji (米こうじ/米糀/米麹). It is called a “magical seasoning” useful for any purpose. We can use it to marinate or tenderize.